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Hire Better People, Faster, with a Dedicated Applicant Tracking System

When the average job vacancy costs $500 per position, per day—a loss of $22,000 per position over the average period of 44 calendar days1—you want to make sure your organization has the recruitment technology it needs to win the war for talent.

iCIMS’ dedicated applicant tracking system reduces recruiting complexities, enabling talent acquisition professionals to focus on what’s most important—hiring the right people, faster.

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Dedicated Expertise

Best-in-class talent acquisition platforms have a sole focus on helping you hire top talent.

Seamless Integrations

Centralize applicant data within a true PaaS framework by integrating with top HCM vendors.


Deliver great outcomes and experiences for everyone who engages with iCIMS, from candidates to recruiters.

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“As we integrate many particular players across talent acquisition space, it is critical that we have access to data that we can centralize into one location so that we can make intelligent business decisions about where we need to go and how we need to acquire the latest and greatest.”

- John Leech
  Director of Talent Acquisition

1. Satisfaction Ratings for Talent Management Technology, CEB Global Talent Trends Q2 2016

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