What Makes Candidates Click: The Do’s and Don’ts of Job Advertising


64 percent of candidates will move on to the next company if they can't find the information they need in your job posting.1

We’re in the middle of a war for talent, and your company can't afford to lose top candidates because of poor job advertising and a lack of focus on the candidate experience. Offering job seekers the information they need through mobile and social platforms and programmatic job advertising technology can help you engage, attract, and hire top talent, while at the same time improve your company’s bottom line.

Access the webinar recording, in which iCIMS and Apppcast uncover:

  • The importance of the candidate experience in modern talent acquisition
  • Common job advertising mistakes and how to fix them
  • Integrate programmatic job advertisements with your talent platform

1. CareerBuilder, Engagement Survey, 2016

Access the webinar recording today!



Access the webinar recording today!